Easy font balancing for Windows 8

Trying fonts out against exemplar text used to be tedious. Not anymore.

Font Pair Picker is a font tester that gets you in, out, and on your way. It's designed for speed and simplicity, and the result is a massive time savings. It also works well in snap, so you can use this alongside your favorite word processor.

If you do a lot of text work, you probably already have a picker on your phone. Why don't you have one on your PC, where you do your work?

Getting FPP from this webpage

The main way to get TrimWord from the webpage, if you're on a Windows 8 or Windows RT device, is to use the app button. Swipe up from the bottom (or hit Win-Z) and you'll see a button towards the right, which looks like a wrench; press it, and it will give you the app directly.

That button will take you directly to the store page.

Getting FPP from Windows Store

To get Font Pair Picker from Windows, open Store, and from the main page, type "Font Pair Picker." Store should complete the name for you.

Alternately, here is the public app page.


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